Los Angeles' king of weirdo soul and blues comes through with a comi-tragic new video for Lonely.

Swamp Dogg is a musician like no other. The 76-year-old has been making music for over fifty years and worked with everyone from Dr Dre to Justin Vernon in the process. His new album Love Loss and Autotune, is his 22nd and undeniably one of his best. Co-produced by Justin Vernon and Ryan Olson from Polica, it’s a wild mix of blues, autotune and bizarre soul that shows off Swamp Dogg’s unique personality with songs like ‘Sex With Your Ex’ and ‘$$$ Hunting’.


Today he’s sharing the new video for one of the album’s stand-out tracks ‘Lonely’. A waltzing blues number, packed with hard-hitting horns and weepy auto-tune the track sees Dogg lamenting the fact his baby has gone. Premiering on Notion, the video sees Swamp wandering the streets of LA, working the bar and trying to hit up his lover, only to get ignored, shot down and eventually blocked. Directed by Isaac Gale alongside Ryan Olson, the whole thing is a tongue in cheek blues tale for the modern era.


When asked for a quote about the video Swamp Dogg instead decided to tell us about his forthcoming bid for the presidency, saying: “There will be more information forthcoming regarding my cabinet selections when I move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue “as you know who”, moves out. I want all people in the Swamp Dogg Party to know that if it helps our country… I can be bribed; I can be coerced, I will steal, cover-up, kidnap, and promote mysterious disappearances. There will be a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage and loan money up the asshole with just your signature alone. Oh yeah! Free healthcare.


“One more important thing I want to know is why when you die you get about $225.00. Shit! You can’t bury your thoughts for that kind of money. Our government wants to make sure that when you die, not only are you dead broke but your family and friends are also dead broke. You can send your donations to me via PayPal, and there aren’t any limits. You will also have my bedside number so you can call me at any time. I’m also abolishing the IRS, dirty motherfuckers.” Watch the video for ‘Lonely’ below and remember to vote Swamp Dogg for a corrupt government you can believe in.