Notion presents its new fashion film 'Symbol' directed by Tom Andrew and featuring the choreography of dancer Kaner Flex.

‘Symbol’ is the latest fashion film offering directed by Tom Andrew and styled by Rhona Ezuma, created in conjunction with a feature length editorial in our current issue, Notion 76. The film features contortionist dancer Kaner Flex as he finds himself in an array of incredibly complex positions, entirely choreographed by himself. The concept for the film began with a “fascination with visually transforming the body into an object of sculpture” through an exploration of the human body’s shape and form. Andrew states he wanted to “further push these forms to create a surreal atmosphere” by utilising the means of distortion and movement. Andrew used a number of tangible locations to highlight the intensity and complexity of Flex’s movements – all the while furthering the concept of the surreal.


Stylist Rhona Ezuma reveals how “the styling reflected the emotiveness of Kaner’s movements” by drawing inspiration from lighting and location. Layering and clashing were two central themes prevalent within Symbol’s styling, often making use of bolder colours to effectively capture Flex’s movement. Pieces were often used to mimic the form of Flex’s body, and occasionally used to give the impression of a twisted or lengthened torso.


Watch the film below

Directed by Tom Andrew
Styled by Rhona Ezuma
Makeup by Lauren Reynolds
Hair Virginie Pinto Moreira (
Dance and choreography by Kaner Flex
Music by Marian Mentru
Editor Glen Travis
Camera Operator Charlie Ryan
View the editorial in Notion 76, available for purchase online and in all good newsagents.