Toronto-based Persian alt-pop artist, Tara Jam, shares her new single "SYNESTHESIA".

With no label or manager, emerging artist Tara Jam is an independent artist to look out for. If that wasn’t impressive enough, on her new dark-pop single, Jam sings in both Farsi and French, as well as English. 


Speaking about the meaning behind her new single, Jam said: “’SYNESTHESIA’ is about the transformative potential of the psychedelic experience and how it can unveil spiritual realms and the multidimensionality of our existence. While synesthesia is a condition, it can also be induced by psychedelics where one sense is simultaneously perceived as another sense, such as hearing and tasting colours or smelling and feeling sounds. I felt compelled to write about the trust, openness, curiosity, surrender, and acceptance that is practiced and cultivated in psychedelic journeys because of the ways these states of being have revealed my own inner power and healing capacity, which was pivotal in my process of overcoming depression. Whether we choose to explore our consciousness through substances, meditation, movement, breathing, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, self-reflection, or therapy, we are setting an intention to better understand ourselves in pursuit of a life coloured with truth, love, and peace. I hope Synesthesia reminds people of the power of their minds, the beauty of the process, and the magic of our presence.”


Ensuring she is always involved through the entire song creation process, Jam made the melody for “SYNESTHESIA” in one night with her partner and producer, SPVDE. 

Listen to "SYNESTHESIA" by Tara Jam below: