The latest song from this intellectually brilliant Syrian American rapper feels like a Molotov cocktail aimed at politicians and their cronies - as well as an appeal for everyday Americans to choose kindness and compassion above all else.

Syrian American artist Seffo has dropped his latest single ‘Drama’, as he continues to be one of the most lyrically gifted songwriters in recent years.


Told in quick, rapid-fire rap verses, ‘Drama’ feels like a trip into the grubby world of modern America. Seffo is unforgiving as he spits his way through this song. He focuses on some of the most significant public figures in the country today, not mincing words as he calls them out for engaging in depravity and controversy. He isn’t biased, either. Both Democrats and Republicans get burnt on this song, with Seffo rapping about the Hunter Biden cocaine scandal before moving on to reference the Donald Trump STD rumors.


What’s so brilliant about this song is that Seffo doesn’t spare anyone from the sword, including himself. Like artists like Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, Seffo calls out his hypocrisy in these lyrics – he hates what drama has done to American culture but admits that “The drama is all that I have.”

Beyond this, as a Syrian American, Seffo is perhaps better equipped than most to talk about how fractured America is at the moment. An “Arab in sight” – as he says in the song – Seffo has already been marked out by some intolerant people in the country. But, in the fiery enthusiasm of this song, he makes the critical point that he is not the enemy in America – and that everyday people should come together to tackle the real problems caused by the elites.


Drama’ isn’t just lyrically adept; it’s also very professionally produced – with California producer Brian A. Bennett overseeing things from start to finish. Fans who have followed Seffo for a while will note that there were different versions of ‘Drama’ in the past, with the artist returning to the song at other points in his music journey. Ultimately, Brian and Seffo offered opinions on what ‘Drama’ should be before arriving at something they could both be satisfied with. Seffo explains: “The track became what it is today due to constant testing of different outlooks by both the producer and lyricist.”


The release of this latest single is an essential milestone for Seffo. Seffo has released plenty of music over the years and adopted various monikers as an artist. But his most recent tracks – including 2023’s ‘Rebirth’ and now 2024’s ‘Drama’ – demonstrate that he’s finally arrived at the best version of himself. He’s easily one of the most intellectually gifted rappers out there, with an imagination that is rich, satirical, perverse, and controversial – all at the same time.


Audiences would do well to start listening to what he’s saying.

Listen to ‘Drama’ now: