Texas-based singer-songwriter and producer Raymond Revel is back with a new disco-funk release, “Take A Break”.

Raymond Revel is a talented singer-songwriter, producer and piano player. Californian-born, the artist later moved to Texas, where he currently resides, to craft his infectious new sound. Back with a brand new single, “Take A Break”, is an upbeat track and follows the popular, tongue-in-cheek release “Nowhere Close To Famous”.


Last year, Raymond dropped his debut album ‘The Living Room’ an eight-track concoction of soft-spoken ballads. Originally set up as a singer-songwriter accompanied by predominant piano, Raymond has since made a dramatic shift and is currently working towards a new chapter of making additive pop hits.


“Take A Break” is out now and is the artist’s sixth single release of the year. Throughout each track, Raymond has continued to showcase his songwriting versatility, all while driving his trademark of 80s synths. Throughout “Take A Break” Raymond emphasises the exhausting elements of burnout through an infectious bedroom-pop sound and honest storytelling.

Stream "Take A Break" below: