Broadening his horizons, Slick Naim adds "Take A Dive" to his arsenal of alternative rap singles.

Hailing from Bushwick, Brooklyn, Slick Naim is a multihyphenate in every sense of the word. His creative endeavours have seen him work across the entertainment industry, starring in the acclaimed Netflix series, It’s Bruno. He also directed the entirety of MO, another comedy-drama that follows a refugee chasing US citizenship.  


Immersing himself in all aspects of the art world, Slick now leans into his natural music-making prowess. “Take A Drive” is the latest cut from his ever-expanding repertoire of singles. An introspective listening experience, the single strikes a balance between infectious hooks and sophisticated flows. 


Demonstrating an unrivalled ability to evolve, Slick’s nonchalant delivery is completely unique to him. Matched with distinct lyrical depth, the artist has proven his worth in America’s alternative rap space, occasionally seeking influence from genres like R&B and pop. On the new single, he says: “Take A Drive” is for anyone who feels frustrated, confused about what to do in life and just needs some clarity on how to move forward”. 

Listen to “Take A Drive” below: