Parisian singer-songwriter Ana Galeli releases a whimsical new single, 'Take It Slow', previewing her debut EP, Toyland.

‘Take It Slow’, the latest track from Brazilian-born artist Ana Galeli, is defined by its smoky soft harmonies and a notably narcotic vocal delivery. Highlighting the importance of living in the present, the single, taken from her forthcoming debut solo EP, Toyland, ponders what we take for granted through self-reflective and poignant vignettes from her life thus far. 


Growing up in LA, before moving to Paris, it’s fair to say that Ana has lived quite a nomadic lifestyle. Influenced by the different cultures she was surrounded by, the songwriter’s music blends far-reaching sonic spheres, entwining cinematic and synth rock melodies to keep listeners on their toes. Intensified by hypnotic harmonies, the tracks thus far have reached over two million streams on Spotify, helping to grow a dedicated fanbase that ride with Ana through thick and thin. 


As the world continues to look towards the future, on ‘Take It Slow’, Ana reminds us to appreciate what we already have. On the meaning behind the track, she says, “None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, but an end is certain. So while we have this moment, now – why not spend time with time”. 

Listen to ‘Take It Slow’ now: