Canadian artist YASSiN shares a gentle, moving acoustic rendition of his single "Take My Time", featuring Sean Terrio.

YASSiN pulls on our heartstrings with the emotional, stripped-back cover of his song “Take My Time”, sung by Sean Terrio.


In the black and white visuals, YASSiN sits at an electric keyboard in a recording studio, twinkling the keys, whilst Sean sings captivatingly into the mic.


Speaking on his decision to record the new rendition, YASSiN said: “The original ‘Take My Time’ has been doing so well, and we’ve been getting such a great response from fans, that we thought we’d treat them to an acoustic or “Unplugged” version. This was supposed to just be for myself to put on the B side of some vinyl I’m giving to family and friends, but it turned out so pretty, both Sean and I knew we had to release it. I wrote this song about all my favourite moments shared with someone near and dear to me. To me, the original version captures the exhilarating nature of living out those moments, and this version about holding on to each precious second of them. Or to simplify the original is meant for people to dance fast, and this one is meant for slow dancing with your person.”


Always evolving, YASSiN loves to experiment with different genres, writing and producing all of his music, but never singing on his own songs, instead recruiting artists who reflect the vibe of his songs.

Hear the unplugged version below: