From millions of streams to launching a PR agency, Edward Bruce is the mind behind unconventional new PR agency, Blackspire Press.

Making the leap from managing artists in the music industry to launching a successful PR agency is a rare and challenging feat. But that’s precisely what rising music executive Edward Bruce has done by co-founding a successful PR agency, Blackspire Press. Edward has transitioned from managing artists in the music industry to launching his own buzzworthy PR company with his long-time friend and business partner, Lewis. His unique perspective and experience in music has enabled him to seamlessly bridge the gap between music and PR and create a company that caters to clients across many industries, providing further marketing and consulting outside traditional music PR. 


According to Edward, his journey into the music industry was somewhat accidental. After attending Robert Gordon’s College, he attended the University of Glasgow. While there, he notes, “I always had a project on the go, and during university, I was no different. I had always loved music and wanted to help create solutions for artists’ issues.” Edward’s independent spirit and complete control over his music’s supply chain enabled him to learn about the industry on a whole new level, uncovering all the fine details that allowed him to achieve millions of streams across his music label’s releases. Edward’s business partner, Lewis, was already working in influencer marketing, and the two merged their areas of expertise to create Blackspire Press. Although the agency now caters to clients across most industries, providing further marketing and consulting outside of traditional PR, music remains a significant area for them. 


One of the biggest challenges Edward faced was communication. He explains, “I’m naturally a very quiet individual and will happily work away by myself to create and resolve any issues. However, when working in music, you are surrounded by artists that are, of course, artists. They care immensely about their work and want to see it go in certain directions, so being able to help where required or communicate when things just aren’t possible is critical.” 


Edward’s notable career highlights include achieving millions of streams across his music label’s releases, working with brands such as Sony Music, Red Bull Music, Boiler Room, and BBC, and collaborating in writing sessions with Red Bull Music and Sony/RCA Records UK. He has also invested in music shows, such as UK rapper Giggs’ Glasgow tour date, where he brought out special guest JME. 


When building up their new business, Edward and Lewis put in months of what felt like endless days and nights, which set them up for the rest of the year. But they took their foot off the gas, which proved to be the wrong move. Because of this, Edward learnt the importance of always moving forward and keeping momentum to overcome challenges. 


With Blackspire Press, Edward has blended his passion for music with his desire to help clients in various industries succeed. He hopes to continue travelling the world and working whenever and wherever he wants to, spending a month or two in different places throughout the year. The innovative and confident executive is excited about the future and will undoubtedly continue to make a name for himself in the music and PR industries.