A lo-fi VHS setting gives Thurl Kid’s “Talk” an uncanny nostalgia.

“2oo Thurl” is Thurl Kid‘s most recent album, and it is a sequel to “2oo Thurl,” which shows his maturity as an artist and as a young man. The album is a testament to his growth and development since his first album. The album features many beats, from upbeat tracks like “Back on My Feet” to somber tracks like “Remember Me.”


Thurl Kid’s lyrics are honest and relatable, vividly depicting his life experiences. His music tackles love, loss, and the struggle to succeed. His recent EPs, “Chrome Heart” and “I’m Thurl 2” have already amassed over 100,000 streams, showcasing the growing interest in his music.


Thurl Kid is determined to make a name for himself in the music industry and put his label, TGP Music Monopoly, on the map. He sees himself as the next great artist, following in the footsteps of money man, Young Dolph, and Master P.


He is a unique and talented artist making waves in the music industry. His dedication to his craft, raw talent, and authenticity make him a force to be reckoned with. With each new release, he continues to prove that he is a rising star who will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the music scene.


Thurl Kid presents a gorgeous depiction of the ultimate laid-back day on “Talk.” Grainy VHS footage is sewn together, adding to the loose narrative of the track. Everything here embraces the mellow demeanor, from eating takeout to hanging out with friends playing video games. Lots of love pours out of the frames, with the sights changing to make it feel akin to a way-back clip show of a life lived most comfortably. His interactions with his friend feel sweet, genuine. Color schemes across the whole track add to the timeless aspect.


An auspicious opening on Thurl Kid as he navigates food with some chopsticks. The bag is in view, and the rest of the kitchen looks perfect. Little static lines interact with the footage, adding to its classic tenor. Outside, the light pours into the place as he has the ultimate chill day. No drama, no nothing; he’s spending time with a friend. Everything about the song celebrates the small and significant moments that make up a life. Far from dramatic, this is as gentle a day as possible, the kind of day that should be in anybody’s life. Thurl Kid and his friend enjoy each other’s company, having a stay-in sort of day. Even in the few moments outside, he radiates this spirit of ease that runs through the whole experience.


With “Talk”, Thurl Kid takes on a 90s kid aesthetic; from the clothing to the gaming, it all has this warm, inviting stance.


Thurl’s upcoming album 2oo 3url, set to release in August, continues his already well-received musical discography. With the lead single “Love” already gaining momentum, Thurl 2 will surely provide listeners with an enthralling musical journey, showcasing his range as an artist and cementing his place as a rising force within the hip-hop genre.

Watch "Talk" below: