Hip-Hop up-and-comer, JSO, drops new single "Talkin About", his second single this year after the album 'Reasons'.

For fans of  Cloud Rap greats Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert, JSO’s blend Hip Hop and R&B is garnering him attention.


Hailing from Hagserstown, Maryland, it’s no wonder that JSO has pursued a career in music thanks to a musical family. Growing up, his father and uncle were DJs, whilst his cousins were heavily involved in their local music scenes as artists themselves.


Even though JSO was introduced to the music scene when he was young, there’s no doubt he has creative juices running through his veins. It’s the fact that he’s continued to graft away as his own artist that proves he has the mentality to succeed.


JSO’s latest song “Talkin About”, out today, follows up from his last single “Heartbreak Queen”, released earlier this month. The tracks come after JSO’s 10-track album ‘Reasons’, dropped this year. It’s the third full-length record he’s shared in three years, having debuted his music in 2016.


Speaking on the new song, JSO said: “The agenda of the song is like this is stuff you be you talking bout don’t beat around the bush tell me what you want like I wanna know everything. Anything she wants can be achieved.”

Listen to JSO's "Talkin About" below: