TeleChild have released a rocking new single, "Tarantino".

When it comes to a debut album, intentionality is key – knowing what you want to put into the world and being certain that you can manage it. Musical duo TeleChild, the product of a collaboration between Lebanese artists Hadi Baba and Charles Anouzi understand this perfectly, and they’ve put together a debut album defined by it.


On their debut album, coming this Friday, they say, “Albums are a big deal to us. It’s been a personal goal of ours to create one ever since we became serious about music. Two recording studios, 3 flights, 7 guitars, and a dozen pedals later, not to mention the hundreds of voice notes exchanged, our debut album is finally released. It’s where Charles’ melancholic dreaminess meets Hadi’s sarcastic appeal. Join us through an eclectic sequence of ten alt rock songs made up of loads of melodies, tempo changes, improvised bass and drums, reverb… and hear us chant: “Let’s hide behind our cheers and wine, and try to change our state of mind, the moment you come back home, Turn on Your Favorite Show…”


As a taste of what to expect from this first collection of epic rock and roll team up music, they have dropped a single, “Tarantino”, a cinema-inspired groover that delves into the heady emotional territory of a relationship breaking in fast motion.


On the song, they say, Tarantino was an unhealthy musical obsession, just like the toxic love affair the song portrays. The biggest challenge we faced was how to keep a song interesting when its rhythm is primarily based on one chord. We ended up with what we think is our grooviest tune on the album.”

Listen here: