LA-based pop-R&B artist Darius Martin ruminates on past relationships with his latest, 'TATTOO'.

Darius Martin, a singer and songwriter based in LA, only started releasing music in 2022 but already has a noteworthy portfolio with 13 fresh-sounding singles on Spotify. The latest of these dropped last week, ‘Tattoo’, confirming that 2023 has been not only a busy year, but also a retrospective one for the emerging artist. With ‘Tattoo’, Darius reflects on past relationships – the marks they left, the ongoing feeling of loss but also wonder and gratitude. It’s where the name of the song arose from, leaving someone: ‘…It hurts like ripping off a tattoo they left on your heart… Every lover, every friend and family member leaves these little tattoos all over your soul throughout your life’.

Darius has always sought to connect with audiences emotionally. By sharing his real-life experiences and the complicated, ever-evolving feelings they evoke, he hopes listeners will relate and be able to take something meaningful away from his music. A month prior to ‘Tattoo’, Darius bravely opened up about an abusive relationship with his song ‘Sparks Don’t Fly’. Partnering with Doorways – an organisation providing support to domestic abuse survivors – the project was a testament to his noble goals as a musician. Sonically, ‘Tattoo’ sets itself apart from the artist’s previous work as it weaves in greater pop elements. Intertwined with the coastal riffs and smooth-like-honey vocals that have become a signature of Darius Martin’s sound, this song is proof that the open-minded artist is on this musical journey to make discoveries.

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