Layto wants us to find cathartic release in his new single "Tattoo".

Layto unleashes his hip hop inspired flow over the alt-punk backdrop creating a dark yet comforting atmosphere. “Tattoo” is the multifaceted musician’s attempt to make people feel human and face the reality of things rather than fill his music with an unrealistic sense of hope. This track is a soothing remedy and a safe haven for those who may be going through a hard time. Co-written by Dylan Bauld, who has also worked with the likes of Halsey, Liam Payne and Masterwives, this was a virtual collaborative project that took three months to bring to life.


Being the youngest of five siblings, Layto found solace and escapism in music and he hopes to provide that same feeling for his listeners. His decision to begin making music was motivated by his need to break away from the monotony of life, he shares: “I was picking up trash in supermarket parking lots, and one day it really hit me. It was like twenty degrees and snowing so I sat down on a wood pallet behind Stop & Shop and wrote down my plan. Somehow, it’s been coming to fruition and a few years later, here we are”.


In 2018 he independently released his first single ‘Low Boy’ and so far we have seen his range in style and lyrical ability. He is just getting started in this journey and we are looking forward to what Layto comes up with next.

Stream "Tattoo" now: