Lillie-Jo’s latest single explores grieving a relationship in a brand new light.

London born and raised singer-songwriter Lillie-Jo wears her heart on her sleeve with her latest single, “Tbh”. The 23-year-old has already gained some dedicated listeners on Spotify thanks to her distinctive fusion of pop and R&B, heard on her previous singles “Battle” and “Be Mine”, and this latest release is no different.


Written by Lillie-Jo and produced by Love Island star and former member of Blazin’ Squad Marcel Somerville, the track was freestyled and recorded in just 45 minutes, featuring emotive lyrics destined to resonate with similarly broken-hearted listeners. The dreamy mellow vocals and smoothly syncopated beats are a clear indication of what we can expect from Lillie-Jo’s music; raw and honest lyricism partnered with catchy and memorable melodies.


Lillie-Jo explains, “’Tbh’ is about a guy who was a little obsessed and I wasn’t half as interested in him as he was in me. The person who the song is about knows the song is about them, I think. I played the song in a live and he asked if it was [about him] in my live and I didn’t say it was, I just said “why does it sound familiar”! I’m still very civil with him but I don’t think he’s exactly gonna wanna be my best friend after this.”

Listen below: