New artist ZADA launches with two identity-affirming singles, "Tear Us Apart" and "Nomad".

Ethiopian-born, Canada-based artist ZADA is fresh on the music scene, arriving with not one but two debut singles – “Tear Us Apart” and “Nomad”.


“Tear Us Apart” explores the predjudice that immigrants face: “Saying that we’re not good enough/ You live in a castle, my people travel” ZADA sings in the first verse. However, as the song builds, ZADA affirms: “Oh, they can say what they want/ They can keep us apart but they can’t/ Take away from us”. 


On “Nomad”, a catchy and lyrically punchy bop that comes in at just under two minutes, ZADA sings: “Pick up myself, and dust off this place/ I’ll be the stranger with something to say/Constantly changing, it’s been my way/ I’ve been a nomad from back in the day”. The track celebrates ZADA’s roots and journey while being irresistibly uplifting.


The singles set the intention for ZADA’s forthcoming musical work. A project has been in the works, which saw ZADA collaborate with renowned producers, Brian West and Chin Injeti. Set to blend everything from Afrobeats to pop and folk, ZADA cuts a promising figure.

Listen to ZADA below: