A rockstar with infectious qualities, we spoke with Teezo Touchdown via post-it notes to find out the man behind the nail veil.

“I personally love the struggle” explains Teezo Touchdown in an interview on his Instagram. “If I pop after all this, it’s going to mean so much more to me.” Voiced with sincerity, it’s a quote that shows his uncompromising outlook on music. If overnight success comes, then great, but if he can reach stardom by being himself, even better. That video was posted in 2018 and a lot’s changed since then.  


Off the back of his breakout hit “100 Drums”, which samples Panic at the Disco’s “I Rate Sins Not Tragedies”, the Beaumont native has built friendships with some of music’s biggest names. From Trippie Red to Chance The Rapper, the outpouring of support for that song put many fans on to his menacing pantomime pop punk. “100 Drums” itself is a powerful critique of gun violence and tragedy in America: raw and rebellious, it shows that, behind Teezo’s veil of nails and makeup, there’s an incredibly sensitive character there.  


But his most potent work was yet to come. “Familiarity”, the lead single from a forthcoming debut album, is a self-indulging coming-of-age story, which analyses the American dream against his superstar desires. “I know that I’ma make it, baby, no if, ands or buts. I know that I’m a superstar but no one’s looking up” he shrills over slacker drums and guitar riffs. It’s a lyric that tells of his self-belief, while acting as a cry for others to share the same conviction. Teezo’s father tried to stop his music career, encouraging a life of stability instead. But as we find out in the song, this was never something that he wanted for himself. “Goodbye daddy, hope you understand. Trust me baby, I got a plan” he sings on a contagious chorus, filled with the pain of having to prove people wrong. 


A rockstar with infectious qualities, we spoke with Teezo via post-it notes to find out the man behind the nail veil. 

Starting with your most recent release, “Familiarity”, which is about the desire to live out your dreams. Where did the meaning behind that track come from?

As well as a music video, the track’s accompanied by a social campaign of sorts. Could you explain the thought process behind helping Touchdown find a new job to those who may have missed it?

Although your archive hasn’t got one set genre, you’ve cited rock as a constant throughout your music. What about rock music in particular do you identify with?

What’s the driving force behind Teezo Touchdown? What makes you want to create?

And, further to that, what excites you about the music industry right now?

As the son of a DJ, how did that affect your relationship with music growing up?

And, how did you discover that music was something you wanted to pursue as a career?

Were there any early inspirations for you, or artists who inspired your career trajectory?

Having worked and toured with Tyler, the Creator, and been recognised by countless other musicians, are there any other artists you’d love to work with?

And, finally, we’d love to know what’s on the cards for you this year.