Telfar Clemens introduces a revolutionary pricing model that gives buyers the power to dictate clothing prices.

A luxury brand for the people, Telfar recently announced that it would be re-evaluating its pricing model. Putting power in the customer’s hand, costs will be determined by consumer interest rather than predetermined pricing for their next drop. Quite simply, the price an item sells out on will decide its figure in future collections, aiding greater accessibility.


Telfar Clemens is no stranger to guerrilla marketing strategies and he seems keen to continue a socialist pursuit of the industry’s norms. However, those eagerly awaiting a cut-price pill or drab shopping bag will be disappointed to find out that the forthcoming collection is strictly clothing. When his signature totes became a fashion favourite in 2020, Telfar introduced a made-to-order scheme that meant shoppers could pre-order bags before their official release date. However, shoppers haven’t been afforded such luxury in a while.

Nevertheless, Telfar is positioning itself as more inclusive than your average label. On the new model, the NYC-based designer told Fast Company “Many brands use price as a barrier to entry. I never wanted that for my brand”. As he continues to live the brand’s mantra “it’s not for you, it’s for everyone.”


The first collection features a range of vibrant hoodies, baggy sweatpants and built-in baseball cap hoodies. The full range of which can be viewed here.