Kyra Gordon unravels an emotional ballad ‘Tell Me And I’ll Listen’, unwinding the narrative of a daughter finally connecting with her mother.

Kyra Gordon masters storytelling even further with every track she unveils. Amidst the delicate backdrop of stripped-down instrumentals—often led by the resonance of the piano—it’s her poignant lyrics that shimmer like jewels in the spotlight. Ensuring that every lyric is a vital thread in the narrative fabric, her most recent single, ‘Tell Me And I’ll Listen’ only elevates her storytelling prowess to greater heights, delivering a narrative brimming with raw emotion as she portrays the intricate dance between mother and daughter.


Wondering how Gordon’s storytelling ability is almost innate? Well, her background in acting seems to point to why. Looking to make her mark in the glitz of Hollywood’s allure, she swiftly discovered that her true passion lay elsewhere. Armed with a degree in Jazz Vocal studies, Gordon redirected her talent towards the realm of music, where she found her true voice. While music serves as her chosen medium of expression, echoes of her theatrical roots reverberate through her narrative compositions, imbuing them with depth.


While Gordon’s storytelling prowess shines brightly in her latest track, ‘Tell Me And I’ll Listen’ sees her venture from her rock Americana roots and delve into the territory of introspective folk. Her lyrical streams of consciousness flow effortlessly as she unwinds lyrics that strike a personal chord. Finding inspiration from her own maternal relationship, and the “unburdening” of life that she wished she had discussed with her late grandmothers, we see Gordon lyrically dismantle generational trauma. As her vocals reach a crescendo, cathartic release is found as she breaks the shackles of the past, ushering in a new era of emotional resonance.


Gordon shares this about the track: “I feel like I am just now learning how to do this for myself; to honour my own feelings of sadness, anger, and longing, and allow them to be expressed without justification or permission on some giant equalizing scale out there in the stratosphere. My mom had to raise her siblings, and has always dismissed her own pain in the face of other people’s experience. I want her to feel free, to count herself and her own feelings as important, and to express them in a way that feels healing.”

Listen to 'Tell Me And I'll Listen' now: