Electro-pop singer-songwriter, Becoming Young, unveils his enticing new single "Temptation".

Nashville-based artist, Brandon Calano, who writes and performs under the alias ‘Becoming Young’ makes his own interpretation of how messy life can be sometimes in his new track “Temptation”. With emotive lyricism against an electric guitar and synth backdrop he tells the story of love and lust.


Becoming Young has made his mark on the industry with his sold out shows from Atlanta to Portland with his sound likened to Ed Sheeran and Jermy Zucker. Speaking on the track he shares: “Temptation” highlights how confusing attraction and emotions can be. Sometimes you’re with someone, yet you know it’s not going to work out. But the attraction/connection is so intense that you can’t stop. The song dances around that feeling. The vibe is characterized in these lyrics: “We’re too old to say that this is just lust, but too young to know if you’re the one… Girl, what are we doing?”


This track also makes an appearance in Young’s latest album ‘Feeling Single’. We are excited to see where he takes the sound of electro-pop with his unique style and flair.

Stream 'Temptation' now: