Multi-genre DJ and broadcaster Teeshow whips up a 10Trax selection of this year's most underrated songs.

“Champagne Problems” by ENNY

Her voice is amazing and for me personally, I had this track on repeat from when it got released. The bars, the beat and production are 10/10. The remix is hard too, featuring Unknown T.

“Us Against The World” by Strandz

I miss songs like this. It reminds me of young 50 Cent, however he definitely has his own unique sound to it. The flow and the bars are catchy and smooth. It's something I would definitely play on baecation on repeat, or on Valentine's, this will be on repeat for many. 'It's us against the world, us against the ghetto' - come on man, the chorus slaps. Look out for the kid.

“She’s A 10 But…” by ARTAN, Spencer Elmer

“She’s A 10 but…” is different and cheeky. I’m all for it. 'She’d be a 10 if it weren’t for the accent' - I just love that line. So simple but so sweet.

“Would You Let Me” by SamRecks

Different sound and style, a unique one too. I had this banger on repeat from its release date. Even the music video is a great watch, it’s giving me real soulful hip-hop vibes. If you feel cool before you step out, play this one. Trust me.

“Jiggy” by Kween Deekayy

Kween Deekayy is one you should definitely look out for. The flow, the bars, the charisma and execution is what draws me in and keeps me locked in.

“Federal Agent” by Y Shadey, Psychs

Lo-fi drill has a special space in my heart. It's just so smooth, and this track is smooth like melting butter. The collaboration is one I want to see happen more. Young and exciting rappers, look out for them. The cheekiness and one-liners stand out strong.

“DEECIEN - No Miming” by DEECIEN, Tim & Barry

So much energy. He really spun the beat because it was going crazy. It could really shut down parties, hip-hop sets in raves and clubs. It's one track I can see TikTok going crazy for, especially doing the sturdy dance. Had me learning the dance... I can’t wait to see more of this young star 'cause the energy is unmatched.

“Live a Bit” by 8Nights

Real party vibes, soulful flow and beat. As soon as you press play you start doing a two-step, or turn your head like ‘Woah, what’s this?' I do miss songs like this, I won't lie. This song is summer.

“Late Night Thinking” by Yung Fume, Lorine Chia

Yung Fume has been in the game for a long time, he’s not new to making bangers but this one hits my soul. It’s a nice bop and still perfect for a late-night drive or late-night walk.

“Destination” by Mabsz

Flow and bars for me hit differently. What I like is that it's very motivating and gets me amped to get to work. The chorus is catchy and simple. This track left me wanting to hear more from her.