Indie quartet Cold Cold Nights premiere their sophomore LP ‘Ten Years Later’ with focus track “SONO”.

Cold Cold Nights are a Czech quartet consisting of band members Jakub, Štěpán, Kryštof and Daniel. Formerly known for their alternative ensemble J, the band have since made a new outfit with a classical indie-folk sound. With the helping hand of guitars, synths, trumpets and sometimes the accordion, today sees the band share their brand-new LP ‘10 Years Later’ with focus track “SONO”.


Following the release of their debut LP ‘(The) Last Summer’, which saw the band nominated for two Czech national music awards, ‘Ten Years Later’ sees Cold Cold Nights bounce back with a brand-new full-length project. Five years since their last, this new LP sees band member Štěpán Oves produce and mix it. But music isn’t their only skill, as they’re also known for being the co-founders of a DIY festival called MIRO. Situated just outside of Prague, the festival went on to spotlight many emerging talents.


Speaking about their new album, Jakub details “It is a collage of memories of people and places and feelings and plans…that sometimes took a completely different road. I’ve written the lyrics as if I was writing my diary. Actually, some parts are genuinely just taken from my diaries from childhood or college. The album was recorded DIY in about a dozen different studios and spaces”.

Get a first look at '10 Years Later' in full below: