Swedish singer-songwriter Adam Öhman - better known as Mountain Bird - releases his track "Terrified of Love" which is an honest commentary on the qualms of commitment.

Against the melancholic piano backdrop, layered harmonies and drum pad rhythms, Mountain Bird sings about the transience of human connections which is enabled by social media and dating apps.


This track also features a video release which directly follows the style from his most recent single ‘Modern Man’ as it was shot on the same set as one continuous take. The video opens with a close up of Mountain Bird, dull-eyed as he openly expresses the things he’s afraid of when it comes to love.


Co-directed by Mountain Bird and Erik Ögnelooh, who express that: “We wanted to show a real side to Adam with this video. When the camera’s not there and it’s just him, his words and experiences. Life’s not a music video all the time. That’s why the camera slowly dollys back and reveals the whole set, all in one single take, no cuts or re-dos. Just like life.”


Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Mountain Bird also shares: “Tinder and all the other apps have made us scared of committing to basically anything or anyone, so instead we are throwing away people like garbage and this has been a huge impact of the collective depressive state.”


This is the singer’s second single since his 2020 EP titled ‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’. His style is brave and consistent as he forms lyrics that force you to think about the state of our society and human relationships in relation to social media. With a strong sense of his creative vision and a mind that has a lot to say, we are looking forward to seeing what comes next from the refreshing Sweedish artist.

Watch the music video below: