Nigerian girl-genius SGaWD melds rap, electronica and Afropop in latest EP, Tha Gawd - Side A.

SGaWD is nothing short of rap royalty in her homeland, swiftly rising through rap’s ranks and placing herself at the forefront of a cadre of new generation artists pioneering a new wave of African music. Interplaying a plethora of genres – from rap, to house, to electronica, all to an Afropop undercurrent – she has steadily carved out her hallmark sound that is as catchy as they come.


Crafted over a two-year period across Lagos, London and Miami – where she currently resides – her latest EP, Tha Gawd – Side A, sees SGaWD take her exploration and experimentation to the next level. Driven by uncovering the convolutions of navigating the music industry as a woman with ambitions that eclipse the conventional rapper’s scope, her EP share personal stories of love as she ventures on the path to self-discovery.


Kicking off with the soul-stirring anthem, ‘Money Prayer’, the EP fleetly jumps onto the infectious ‘Dump All Your Worries On The Dance Floor’ , where SGaWD beckons listeners to embrace joy and freedom amidst life’s challenges. We see her bold lyrics about seduction and empowerment shine through on ‘BoyToy’, whilst ‘Juicebox’ opts for channelling more sultry vibes. As the EP progresses, more genres are dabbled upon. From the house-y offering of ‘Cool’ to the smooth alté inspired offering of ‘Fav Gurl’, SGaWD’s artistic prowess becomes obvious for all to see, as the project marks another notch under her belt.

Listen to Tha Gawd - Side A now: