US trailblazer and rapper LilTonyRose is here to prove that love is never out of tune on his new album ‘The Aftermath’.

Music has been labeled the universal language of love. It is the perfect ice breaker between partners or friends, with many people using it to share their stories/love and connect with each other. Music also helps us express our emotions, something LilTonyRose has been doing. LilTonyRose is a rapper using music to help people put their feelings into words and express their love. He is challenging the notion that it is impossible to find genuine rap about love with his unique style earning him the title “rap therapist.”


LilTonyRose creates genuine music about love. He extensively covers this topic, borrowing from different styles to perfectly deliver his message. His sound is so vibrant and diverse you can’t really categorize it. LilTonyRose can rap fast, slowly, in other styles, and change flow all in one verse, which is what helps him stand out in the brutally competitive hip-hop scene. His songs have attracted massive attention in a short period, reaching over 100,000 streams on Spotify and 1M+ on YouTube.


LilTonyRose has released several songs since his debut, including “A Talk With God,” “Ain’t Stressin’,” “Lullaby,” “Beautiful Touch,” and one of his most recent, “2 AM.” He also has five albums out. LilTonyRose has released Inward Places of My Soul, Twisted Perfection, and his latest release, The Aftermath. This album has a total of seven songs, including “Miscommunication,” “Things Will Get Better,” and “2 AM,” which has gained a lot of traction, getting him onto music charts and featured in artist publications, including Lyrical Lemonade and The Source.


According to the rapper, his goal is to continue building his name as he provides his fans with timeless and impactful music they can listen to at any time. LilTonyRose is looking to change how people look at rap music and remove the label of over-the-top misogyny, where women are seen as sex objects.


He is showing the world that everyone can truly be themselves. You don’t have to do something just because it is trending or you want to fit in. He also shows young people that while the journey is hard, they shouldn’t give up. LilTonyRose’s story to the top is as exceptional as his style. He dropped out of college to follow his passion. LilTonyRose was a student at Texas State University, but he couldn’t finish his studies due to financial reasons. He had a job at Taco Bell, and even then, what he made couldn’t get him through college. He took a big risk and decided to drop out and follow music.


At the time, LilTonyRose was 17. He invested in growing his brand online and learning about music writing. LilTonyRose made the studio his second home, and when not working, he was busy at the studio practicing his lines. Today, he is a well-known name in the US and is now breaking global borders.


LilTonyRose is looking to release more projects, get featured in top publications internationally, and work with big names in the music industry. As he does all this, he hopes to show other young artists that it is possible to build their brands and break into the music scene.

Stream “The Aftermath” in full below: