Burgeoning musician Cooper Phillip drops visuals for vibrant pop single, “THE ANSWERS”

Cooper Phillip’s joined forces with R&B artist Durand Bernarr on her latest offering, “THE ANSWERS”. Accompanied by a desert-set music video, the track is an uplifting message about searching for life’s answers.


Looking further into the meaning behind the track, Russian-born Cooper explains, “I’m just a free soul with lots of ideas on how to make this world a happier place. Continuing on, “When you listen to me, I hope you take away self-observation and power. I want you to know you can listen to your gut and your heart. Believe, create, be happy, and make your own decisions. I want to show you it’s possible to be strong.”


“THE ANSWERS” marks a serious level-up for Cooper, having first entered the industry at the tender age of 19. With classical training from the prestigious Moscow State Classical Academy, her career first began to evolve with single, “Party By Myself” racked up north of 1.6 million Spotify streams, which she then followed up with “Not Perfect”, with 561K Spotify streams. 


And her latest offering shows no sign of the artist slowing down. With evocative vocals and otherworldly soundscapes set against sun-drenched visuals, “THE ANSWERS’ is one to watch.

Watch "THE ANSWERS" below: