New York’s latest indie up-and-comer D’Arcy releases new track “The Best of Me”.

Bold, confident, and often outspoken, D’Arcy is an artist who knows what she stands for. With her debut EP, ‘Hard To Kill’ released last year, new track “The Best of Me” tracks a tale of love and heartbreak. Heading out on a support tour this summer after a string of releases, this summer looks set to be another big one.


Based in New York, USA, D’Arcy has always created an honest exchange between her music and her fans. An advocate for LGBTQ rights, as well as sobriety, her previous releases have tackled her own struggles with addiction and a road to recovery. Clearly striking a chord, ‘Hard To Kill’ racked up 500K streams and led the artist to a 34-city tour across the US.


Releasing a further four singles and another EP since then, D’Arcy continues to go from strength to strength. Discussing her new track, she describes: “The Best of Me came to me in a dream. I woke up and the song was fully written. It was very cool and strange. The song is about one last attempt to make a relationship work that you know is failing, and fighting against the reality of the heartbreak.”

Stream "The Best of Me" below:


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