From new Marvel heroes to the return of beloved shows like Atlanta and For All Mankind, June has plenty to offer in TV. Let us pick out the best of it for you...

Abbott Elementary (1st June, Disney+)

Workplace comedies – let alone ones everyone likes – are thin on the ground these days – but Abbott Elementary has been carrying the flame for that tradition. The critically acclaimed sitcom, featuring a Black principal taking over a troublesome school, finally makes its way to Disney+ at the beginning of the month after a hit run in the US.

The Boys (3rd June, Prime Video)

After a lengthy hiatus, Amazon’s superhero satire is set to return in style this June. Season three of The Boys promises more extravagantly gory hero-on-villain action, with some new faces stepping up to the plate including Jensen Ackles’ ‘original superhero’ Soldier Boy. There will be so, so much blood.

Ms. Marvel (8th June, Disney+)

The MCU stops for no man: the beginning of the month brings the latest of their Disney+ offerings. Ms. Marvel is the story of Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), who finds herself acquiring superpowers reminiscent of her hero Captain Marvel. Superhero things ensue, naturally.

For All Mankind (10th June, Apple TV+)

One of TV’s hidden gems is back for a third round this month. Apple’s alt-history space race show, For All Mankind, jumps ahead another decade in its third season to the 1990s, where Cold War tensions find a new wrinkle as old enemies and private corporations vie to be the first to get boots on Mars. Expect more vaguely convincing old age make-up for the main cast, who are now meant to be playing characters in their 50s and 60s.

Paramount+ (22nd June)

Fancy forking out for yet another streaming service? You’re in luck. Paramount+ makes its way to the UK in June, offering a huge slate of original shows like The Offer, Halo and lots of Star Trek (including the new show, Strange New Worlds) alongside movies like Scream and The Lost City.

Westworld (27th June, Sky Atlantic)

Westworld isn’t really about Westworld anymore, but that doesn’t keep a show down. The no-longer-a-Western returns this month for a belated season four that delves further into its futuristic dystopia where AI scrap for emancipation, with West Side Story’s Ariana DeBose joining the cast.

Atlanta (29th June, Disney+)

It’s been a long wait for the third season of Donald Glover’s comedy opus, and it was made even longer by the delay from its US airing. Fortunately, it’s finally making its way to these shores courtesy of Disney+, offering fans the chance to catch up on the wild adventures ensuing from the main cast’s kaleidoscopic journey through Europe.