The Blockchain Art Exchange

The Blockchain Art Exchange is the ultimate mission is to change the creative world forever.

The Blockchain Art Exchange was born out of a desire to make buying and selling art simple and accessible to all, profiting both the artist and the buyer. The Blockchain Art Exchange is the brain-child of CEO, Sascha Bailey, an experienced Artist Manager, Art Dealer and Collector of art with ten years of experience in the art industry. Bailey first became interested in the prospect of becoming involved in the arts at the early age of 11 while at Frieze art fair, where he utilised a booth his father was exhibiting in to sell his own Magna drawings. This is where he first realised that the abstract concept of an idea purely useless other than its intrinsic beauty or meaning could be sold or bought.

With a desire to support the art industry Bailey and his team focused on simplifying the buying and selling of art. Bailey’s experience in the art world enabled him to experience how limited the current art world dynamic can be and how the current structure doesn’t work for the artists or the growing new art mediums. The boom of the internet caused many issues for the art world, particularly the opportunity for countless copying. Blockchain offers the power to own files and transfer them to new owners without copying them. Blockchain digital files can now be rare files, offering certain (and essential) protections for the artist.

Esteemed artist David Bailey will be one of the first Artists to create a collection on the Blockchain Art Exchange. This major moment will see some of Baileys most iconic images for sale as Blockchain enforced digital assets – a nod towards the future of the art world.