Nika Taleghani returns with a powerful follow-up single, "The Cave 2.0".

A trendsetter determined to consistently break the mould, at only 19, Nika Taleghani is an artist to watch. Her recently released track “The Cave 2.0” expands on the previous single “The Cave”.


Growing up facing anxiety, Nika found music as a positive outlet that subsequently improved her mental health. Singing provided a clear direction, and for the artist, everything suddenly ‘made sense’. Her sound mixes electronic and house elements with soulful vocals, compared to the likes of Robyn, Lady Gaga and Charlie XCX.


Latest release ‘The Cave 2.0’ is spontaneous, imbued with a sense of vulnerability that drives the narrative. Touching on personal struggles with anxiety, Nika describes: “I wanted to create something that would make people get up and dance. Dancing is something that I hold close to my heart. I would always dance in front of my bedroom mirror to alleviate the anxiety that I had.”

Listen to the track below: