How DJ and Producer Ben Aboulafia broke the mould for electronic music.

Of the many, many types of music today, genres like techno, house, and electronic music rank among the most popular worldwide. As you can imagine, this popularity has led to extreme saturation in the markets for electronic music. When everyone from amateurs to seasoned professionals, including their disc-jockeying grandma, is producing techno, how is anyone supposed to stand out and make a name for themselves in such a crowded field?


Despite these harsh odds, DJ and producer Ben Aboulafia has succeeded in standing out in this crowded industry, largely through his masterful development of melodic techno and house music. Part of what makes Ben’s music rise above the competition, he explains, is its “ability to merge melodic depth with energetic techno.” It isn’t just technical ability, of course, which helps Ben remain unique, but also his talent in appealing to his audience emotionally.


Finding Emotion in Electronica


When considering the connection between music and emotion, your first thoughts may be drawn toward more outwardly expressive genres, such as the romantic sadness of a ballad or the explosive anger of metal. The kind of joy and elation found in techno and house often goes overlooked, but it’s as much a core component of those genres as sadness and anger are to others. Ben’s music brings out the joyfulness in humanity which tends to be taken for granted. In short, it does the good work of making people feel alive at a time when the world would otherwise have them feeling like zombies.


Although it may not seem like it at first, electronic music’s trademark “synthyness,” despite the sounds themselves being artificial, can still build a profoundly emotional connection between the artist and the audience. As Ben notes, he was personally inspired to get into music production originally “by the transformative power of music and the ability to connect with people on an emotional level.” His trademark combination of “melodic depth” and “energetic techno” appeals to both the cognitive and emotional sides of listeners, as the music capitalizes on beauty and complexity while remaining accessible and fun, helping to join the best of both worlds and create a listening experience unlike any other.


Up and Coming Work from Ben Aboulafia


After riding the success of his hit techno track, ‘Best DJ in the World,’ and its overwhelmingly positive reception and popularity on Spotify and other social media sites, Ben now plans on performing at international music festivals and starting a record label. He recently released his new album, The Day We Met, which is available for listening on Spotify and other music platforms.


If you’re looking to do yourself the well-deserved favor of finding techno that blends beauty with energy to create a listening experience like no other electronic music could, look no further than DJ and producer Ben Aboulafia and his growing repertoire of musical masterpieces. Instead of spending the time wading through the boggy mire of mediocre mixes, save your energy for the best there is and keep on dancing.

Listen to The Day We Met now: