An ode to female sportswriters, D.K Lyons brings out fun new pop track "The Girls of Summer".

Having told his mother of rockstar aspirations aged just five, D.K Lyons is a rising artist set to live up to his childhood goals. Latest offering “The Girls of Summer” is a vibrant depiction of his admiration for hometown female sportswriters, fighting to define what it means to be a modern woman.


Imbued with honesty and an authentic sense of self, D.K. Lyons is a Manhattan based songwriter injecting his fresh perspective into the pop scene. Likened to bands like The 1975, he has evolved into a musician for whom writing consumes his mind “99% of the time”. Properly entering the studio in 2018, his most recent EP ‘Vandalism’ demonstrated the artist’s thematic interest in breaking down societal barriers. 


“The Girls of Summer” comes as the US celebrates 50 years of Title IX, and Lyon’s intention is to “support for women everywhere, particularly in a time where many of their rights are being stripped away.” As a Pop Rock anthem, it claps back at “the negative naysayers on social media with a simple message: Watch out for the girls of summer.” 

Stream "The Girls of Summer" below: