Alternative indie collective Arliston have returned with their evocative new EP, 'The Ground Might Disappear'.

Alt-indie collective Arliston hit the scene back in 2018 with their first arresting EP, ‘Hawser’. Along the way, they’ve picked up plaudits from Clash Magazine, Wonderland and The 405 amongst others, with critics praising the sonic mixture that comes from the totally different musical backgrounds of Jordi, Jack and George, the three artists comprising Arliston.


Arliston have spent the pandemic collecting themselves and looking to the world around them for inspiration, having teased their awaited return last year with the release of the intriguing new tracks “Centre” and “Mountaineer”. Now, they’re finally ready to show everything they’ve been working on with the release of their full new EP, ‘The Ground Might Disappear’.


The EP draws from the fresh sense of uncertainty all of us have acquired during the pandemic, filtering it through the thoughtful Arliston sound that mixes The National, Bon Iver and Daughter. It’s headed up by lead single “Chamomile”, telling a personal story of uncertainty through the breakdown of a relationship.


On the EP, Arliston have said: “Experimenting with different time signatures finally paid off with ‘Camomile’ – the verse is in 7/8 and the chorus flips to 4/4 for that ‘resolution’ moment, which feels super satisfying to us. As a result of the different time signatures in the song, ‘Camomile’ has this tidal ebb and flow to it that we find really beguiling. Originally, it was an attempt at making a light-hearted song! It didn’t quite pan out that way, but I think there are still some fun, insincere moments in there.”

Stream below:


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