Rising bedroom-pop artist Charlie Mat is back on the scene with a new single “The Little Birdies”, out today.

Charlie Mat is an emerging bedroom-pop artist melding delicate electronica with speckles of funk to craft his perfect soulful-pop sound. Mixing his darkest pains through uptempo beats, Charlie continues to wear his heart on his sleeve across this brand-new release “The Little Birdies”.


Debuting with his 2022 release “Frequencies”, Charlie swiftly made a point of his vibrant disco-pop sound. Now onto his next project, today sees the release of “The Little Birdies”, a track continuing the discord of Charlie’s transparent storytelling skills. The artist’s newest tune is another emotive release about pain and suffering, uplifted with a sense of hope through airy harmonies and warped textures of sound.


Speaking about the influence behind this track Charlie says: “If I am being honest, “The Little Birdies” is a love letter for my grandma who has been the first person ever to believe in me and in my musical talent. When she passed away she became my aura and my essence. Somehow when that happened it was the time when I also got into a huge depression and I got into a clinic which is where I wrote the song”.

Stream "The Little Birdies" below: