Celebrating 10 years of club to catwalk, Charles Jeffrey gives us a glimpse into his creative evolution in debut exhibition, The Lore of Loverboy.

Charles Jeffrey’s story deserves to be told. Ever since he emerged onto the fashion scene, he has radically ripped up its rulebook with his fearless choice of bold colours and daring clashing patterns, all whilst pioneering London’s next generation of club kids with his unmistakable punk ethos. And finally, we have an exhibition that serves as a tribute to his unabashed creativity, giving us a glimpse into his powerhouse’s journey so far.


Titled The Lore of Loverboy, the Somerset House exhibition will chronicle the evolution of Charles Jeffrey’s iconic LOVERBOY fashion house. Across three distinct spaces—Initiation, Ritual and Manifestation— each room will spotlight his collaborative practices and characteristic use of colour, whilst uncovering references to his Scottish heritage, one that remains a constant source of inspiration, particularly evident in his penchant for tartan.

Kicking off the exhibition, the first room, Initiation, will serves a fitting introduction to Charles’ artistic genesis. Here, viewers will delve into the depths of his creative processes, peering behind the scenes to witness his creative flair first-hand. Contextual artefacts will accompany garments, offering insight into the evolution of LOVERBOY and the pivotal role of community in shaping the brand’s inception. Picture sketchbooks, weathered club posters and whimsical hand-scribbles will all paint a vivid picture of Charles’ creative process.


Moving onto the second space, Ritual, the exhibition will delve deeper into Charles’ craftsmanship, unveiling intricate layers of his design methodology. Drawing from heritage and folklore, the space is expected to recreate LOVERBOY’s pattern-cutting table, adorned with swathes of fabric samples, research sketches and playful mood boards.

Wrapping up the festivities, the journey will conclude with Manifestation, where LOVERBOY’s most iconic and extravagant designs will be on display. From custom designs to one-of-a-kind runaway pieces, the room will arguably be the exhibition’s most grandiose. Among the highlights are the infamous silver jumpsuit, worn by Harry Styles, and the bespoke ensemble worn by Tilda Swinton at the British Fashion Awards two years ago.


The Lore of The Loverboy is open tomorrow until 1st September at Somerset House. Tickets are available here.