Olive Louise releases “The Loveliest”, a whimsically relatable ode to that special someone.

Having released her debut single, “Fool” in October 2019, since then, Olive Louise has blossomed into a pop artist taking a burgeoning career in her stride. New single “The Loveliest” is a heartfelt alt-pop lullaby that demonstrates the artist’s capacity for self-reflection.


A classically trained musician, Olive Louise grew up in Kings Point, New York spending early years studying piano and violin. After the tragic passing of both her parents, songwriting became a means to process emotions, offering a cathartic outlet. With lyrics that are poetic-yet-digestible, alongside an ethereal soprano vocal, in the short time she’s been releasing music she has amassed a fan base which whom it clearly strikes a chord.


New track “The Loveliest” was written in an Airbnb with Olive’s fiancé. Discussing the track, she explains: “It was awesome putting into a song how much I love the person I’m with and plan on being with forever. I think it’s relatable because it’s how anyone that’s really in love feels, like, this person is amazing and you have your own language with them, and that feeling is universal.”

Stream "The Loveliest" below: