Exploring that moment of tranquility between dream state and reality.

Over the past 7 years, Liam Benzvi has been making music with his best friends as part of the band Strange Names. Known for their pop perfection, the trio released their sophomore album Data last year. Once that was firmly out of the way and in the hands of their loyal fan following, Benzvi turned his attentions to something that had been brewing in the background; a record of his own.

Fast forward to now and he’s ready to showcase exactly what he’d been up to, and it’s manifesting in the form of his most recent EP, Amnesia, USA.  His latest release from the project is the dream new track, “The Morning” in which he explores those few moments of bliss you have in a morning before the harsh reality of everyday life become apparent. With the loud and harsh city of New York just outsides his windows, this is particular time that Benzvi finds solace, and so often seeks to prolong those early morning moments of calm.

“I discussed this with my friend Luca Venter, the director, and he told me he’d been wanting to work with foam for a long time,” he explains of the visuals, which perfectly represents imagery that blurs the line between dream state and reality. “I thought, this is perfect, an opportunity to build a reality out of a material that could be out of a dream—especially the scenes where it’s just me surrounded by darkness. I’m kind of like the boogeyman. Inside of a void and totally happy about it.”

The single has been lifted from Benzvi’s upcoming EP,  Amnesia, USA, which will be out in March. Benzvi is already hard at work putting the finishes touches on his second video – here’s to hoping it’s just as dreamy (pun intended) as “This Morning”.