Is music the most important thing in your world? Now there's a way to meet your musical match online.

As we return to some sort of normality, those looking for love may ask themselves: where do we start? What do we want to do? And with who? With our social lives finally including more than a walk around the local park alone, The UK’s hotly anticipated new dating app is set to launch.


POM believes music is the food of love and that by harnessing the Power of Music, real and organic connections can be created and built to last. POM focuses on users forging connections through their shared music tastes, allowing their users to see a person’s true, emotional profile instead of a series of altered photos and misleading bios. As well as helping users find love, POM looks to create and deliver genuine, life-changing moments through the curation of perfect end-to-end dating experiences.

POM users sign up and connect their music streaming service (the initial launch is compatible with Spotify and Apple Music) to their profile, allowing their tastes to then be analysed. POM uses a first-of-its-kind algorithm in order to determine the user’s emotional profile based on the music they listen to. They are set to launch on 27th July, but the website and socials are already live.


Within just a few days of the waiting list going live, thousands signed up. Spaces will be limited to 25,000 users on launch to ensure smooth and safe onboarding.


As well as inclusivity being imperative to POM, they also ensure that safety is prioritised above everything. They have implemented multiple features, including users being able to leave anonymous feedback about their real-life date, various reporting features, and additional verification methods in order to create a safe space both on the app and in real life.