LA-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Maddie Jay returns with a whimsical, dream pop bop tackling the absurdities that characterise unhealthy relationships.

Self-described as a champion of millennial angst and modern daycares and woes, Maddie Jay hails in 2020 with her latest release, ‘The Peanut Butter Song.’


Layering reverb-drenched guitars, shimmery vocals and some fuzzy bass to boot, Maddie Jay croons her way through the track, giving her hot take on the hypocrisies and insincerities that lie at the heart of unhealthy relationships. “‘The Peanut Butter Song’ came to be while I was trying to find a way to describe some toxic relationships in my life,” she says. “They can be so hard to spot, and in fact a lot of red flags can come across as super appealing right off the bat. Things like ‘You are so unhappy/unorganized, let me help you get your life together’ or ‘I want to help you with your career!’ It all sounds great at first but there can be some really manipulative and controlling behaviours tied in with that kind of stuff. It’s like when people fall prey to health trends and healthy-looking packaging; but, in reality, what they are eating is PACKED with sugar and is soo bad for you.”


There’s something rather charming about the warm tones that pervade the entirety of the song. In fact, it’s a tune that’s a lot more complex than it ostensibly appears, mirroring the double-sided nature of the relationships it describes.


With a love for “finding silly ways to talk about serious things,” Maddie Jay isn’t giving us just another upbeat, alt-pop bop – the track is textured with almost patchwork instrumentals, accentuated with lo-fi grooves and hazy synths.


Tune in below!