Unleashing electro-punk vigour, Minas teams up with Freddy Forbidden for his latest single ‘The Public Ain’t Spoken’.

Putting a twist on the punk genre, Minas is an artist making a buzz for his punchy soundscapes and erratic energy. His music is zesty, imbued with aggressive nuances that make your ears perk up and listen to what he has to say. Whether that’s channelling political frustrations or holding up a mirror to society, he doesn’t hold back. Minas’s latest track showcases his lyrical boldness all through a backdrop of his hallmark electro-punk-infused sound.


Fresh off the heels of being shortlisted for the Welsh Music Prize 2023 with his hit album All My Love Has Failed Me, Minas is making waves in the punk-rap scene for his brutal honesty and venomous vocal style. His oeuvre brims with barely sublimated anger and sees him draw inspiration from the boredom that took place growing up in the circus. His parents—who were heavily involved in the 80’s punk scene—serve as another beacon for lyrical inspiration, as he tunes out idiosyncratic soundscapes to a catchy bossa nova groove.


‘The Public Ain’t Spoken’ adds another feather to Minas’s cap, showcasing his knack for innovation. With a dark undertone yet an irresistible groove, the track features echoing drums that establish a brisk syncopated beat, while we are plunged into an immersive soundscape filled with such high energy it’s sure to get your head bopping.


Speaking about the new offering, Minas said, “I wanted to create a sound that really showed my erratic side, sounded like my brain on a bad day and just pushes my sound somewhere I haven’t taken it, it’s dark but has an undeniable groove. I knew I wanted a feature and had hit it off during my time in London. I respect him so much as an artist who also does what he thinks is cool first and foremost so having him on this tune is a match made in heaven. I can’t wait to start playing this live.”

Listen to 'The Public Ain't Spoken' now:


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