Larry Coleman 2020's latest track is an infectious ode to being yourself.

Larry Coleman 2020 has been putting in the hard work for a long time indeed. He built up a significant following on SoundCloud with underground hits like “Baby Boy” which introduced his unique approach to modern hip-hop and the mass appeal it inevitably carries.


It’s with that dedicated fanbase he’s built up that Larry now feels ready to release a track such as his latest, “The Real Me”. The title, in many ways, is self-explanatory – it’s the artist stripping back any remaining layers of artifice and putting himself, warts and all, on the line for his listeners to see.


It’s an insistently fun and energetic tune that takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to his experiences navigating fame and making it mainstream in the music industry, with his confident rapping underscoring an artist who’s truly comfortable in his own skin, and needs no affirmation other than his own.


On the track, he says, “In a time where everybody wants to be somebody, I wrote an anthem about being myself”.

Listen here: