Singer-songwriter So Kindly returns with an understated new single “The River”.

With his sound which sits neatly between indie rock and electro-pop, So Kindly is set to make a comeback in 2021. The Victoria Falls hailing musician released his debut EP ‘Warmest Place’ in 2017 and followed up with ‘Nothing to Noise’ in 2019.


Now, So Kindly shares a melancholy-tinged new single “The River”. Opting for stripped-back guitar instrumentals, the singer’s earthy, grounded vocals come to the fore.


Speaking on the new single, So Kindly has said: “The River deals with the painful yet beautiful reality of being a human. Sometimes we find ourselves at a fork in the road of our lives. That moment comes with hard emotional decisions that need to be made. This track is about that decision-making process internally and emotionally. Sometimes we have to cut ourselves some slack and accept that we are not always in control of the way things pan out.”


Ready to return to the stage, So Kindly will be making more appearances in the year to come.

Listen to "The River" below: