23-year-old polymath OLSO releases his joyful energy on new single "The Same", pushing the boundaries of an effortless dance style.

OLSO’s willingness to experiment with genre hasn’t gone unnoticed. Building a loyal fanbase waiting to see what he does next, the producer and performer is pushing boundaries with a joyful energy. His latest single, “The Same”, utilises a dance-pop vibe that gets you instantly on your feet and grooving. It’s a visceral tune that encapsulates all we’ve come to love from the artist thus far.  


Growing up as a young creative in Salt Lake City, Utah, OLSO has since crafted a colossal sound that’s starting to have a global impact. Making music with boundless positivity, the 23-year-old creative is showing songwriting skills far beyond his age; there’s a natural dexterity in his work that’s starting to get the recognition it deserves.


“The Same” is another vivacious single from the rising artist. In fact, OLSO believes it’s allowed him to truly find a sound that’s unique to him. On the track, he says: It’s me finding the OLSO groove. I love music that is effortlessly dance-y and “The Same” is the perfect example of that.” 

Listen to “The Same” below: