Meet Dominic Ciambrone, AKA The Shoe Surgeon.

Dominic Ciambrone is the humble self-taught cobbler who managed to turn his obsession for sneakers into a stellar career and is responsible for some of the most genius, in-demand customs of all time. The celebrated artists deconstructs shoes, and artisanally rebuilds them with premium materials, along with building samples and prototypes from scratch.The full scale production SRGN studios in LA is an impressive haven for sneaker lovers. Dominic has cultivated an amazing community of industry professionals, athletes and artists alike who are all at the top of their game.


Dominic first began customizing sneakers in high school as a way to express himself. The confidence and compliments received were overwhelming and from there started to explore the intricacies of the  shoemaking process.


Ciambrone started out in high school customizing a pair of all-white Air Force 1 Mids to camouflage. The props he got from his peers spurred him on to continue, moving him onto sewing machines and working with leathers, learning the ins and out of shoe repair trade.

Today he is responsible for a mind-boggling array of desirable drops and high-profile collaborations, with custom sneakers clocking in anything from $3000 – $30,000 and let’s not forget the stunning Nike LeBron 15 sneakers dressed in 24 karat gold and diamonds. The custom hot pink kicks for DRAKE’s tour & the cleats worn by Superbowl champions encrusted in diamonds.


Recently The Shoe Surgeon has collaborated with renowned fashion house, LANVIN as well to reinvent the CURB which has been a rewarding project.

The Shoe Surgeon always strives  to push the boundaries and think how else they can outdo themselves. Constantly learning with testing new materials and having the right team to execute grand ideas that have never been done before is the fun part and where the magic happens.


They’ve started working on other types of shoes outside of just sneakers. For example Cowboy boots which has opened the doors to major  country music artists.