LACES and Dresage join forces on a stirring new track about breaking a toxic cycle.

Self-soothing and brimming with hope, LACES and Dresage‘s “the sooner it stops, the sooner it starts” represents the conversations we have to have with ourselves to break toxic, repetitive cycles – a gentle reminder that the sooner we break them, the sooner new life can begin.


Dancing the line between vulnerable and assertive in her lyrics, LACES – or Jessica Vaughn to those who know her – brings her ‘adult alt-pop’ touch to the track, mixing both catchy pop and complex, layered production.


It’s a balance perfectly complemented by Dresage – a name created as a space for singer, writer, producer and composer Kelly Bumford to explore textures and sounds. Exploring themes from mental health and the human psyche to feminism, she offers her own sonic universe for the track to exist in, which spans glimmering synths and orchestral soundscapes to a more more pop and indie sensibility.

Listen to "the sooner it stops, the sooner it starts" now:


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