Singer-songwriter Soul Kaktus wears his heart on his sleeve in latest genre-bending track, ‘The Sun in My Sky’.

No one bares his soul quite like Soul Kaktus. Since his inception 2021, he has openly narrated his introspective thoughts, talking about anything from love to resilience all over a genre-bending beat that is as soothing as the next. Merging soul, R&B all to a bossa nova groove, his soulful melodies have led him to pique the ears of music listeners from across the globe, putting his twist on the music scene with every track he releases.


With his self-titled EP in the works—a promised exploration of love and self-acceptance—Soulful Kaktus, whose real name is Chen Asraf, gives us a taste of what’s yet to come with his latest single, ‘The Sun in My Sky’. Dedicated as a tribute to love and resilience, the track was penned during a challenging time for Soul Kaktus: dealing with the trials and tribulations of a long-distant relationship, the track captures the struggles and strengths of keeping their relationship afloat.


With an electric guitar opening the track, there’s a spellbinding drum rhythm that plays out in the backdrop, all whilst Soul Kaktus sings lyrics laden with rawness and emotion. Blending soulful melodies with his rich narratives, the track is both a personal confession and a universal message of hope, as he concludes that the love he shares is stronger than ever before.


Speaking on the track Soul Kaktus states “‘The Sun in My Sky’ is about reminding the person I love that she is the light of my life. Any self-doubts or crises between us are nothing as long as she remembers who she is and how strong our love is.”

Listen to 'The Sun in My Sky' now: