Reva DeVito delivers soulful R&B bop, "The Supply," about the importance of chasing your dreams, no matter what.

Reva, who originally hails from Portland, Oregan, but now lives in L.A., has worked with big name producers such Young Franco and B.Bravo. Since her KAYTRANADA-produced EP, The Move, was released in 2016, Reva has racked up more than 10 million Spotify streams thanks to her sunny, soulful melodies.


Since then, Reva has released a steady stream on singles and toured the globe as a featured vocalist for Miami Horror. She’s also been in the studio working on her own music, focusing on creating a sound that feels most truthful to her.


Speaking on the new track, Reva said: “The Supply is about work ethic. It’s about being a woman in today’s climate and working as hard as you can to support your endeavors and fund your dreams. One thing I’ve learned is it is very rare to be handed your career. Most of us have to hustle on the side to pay for the multiple layers that make up our dreams. ‘The Supply’ encourages a positive outlook on funding your dreams, whatever they may be.”


Listen to “The Supply” below: