Beks gives us a taste of what's to come with the new alt-pop single, "The Thing About Us".

Marking her seventh single to date, Beks shares the bouncy new tune “The Thing About Us”, a song that’s close to her heart.


Taking a look at the blurred lines between a close friendship and love, “The Thing About Us” was co-written with Cam Nacson and Xira. Beks says: “This song encapsulates the feeling of being in love and then out of love with your best friend. Your best friend that you party and wake up hungover with and then realise that you’ve crossed a line of no return, blurred the boundaries and you’re desperate to find a way back. The thing about us is there was never an ‘us’ only ever ‘you and I’”.


The Sydney-based songwriter has been going out on her own since breaking away from the punk-rock band, Rackett. In the group, she toured Australia and Japan, hitting up dive bars and festivals, but she’s since been making waves alone.

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