Brixton's very own Clip C brings UK Jamaican music to life in his new EP, 'The Waters'.

Traversing a mixture of musical influences and tempos, South London musician, Clip C, is back with his new EP ‘The Waters’.


From explosive rapping on “One Order” to reggae tones on “Dream It Possible” and melodic singing on “Only You”, ‘The Waters’ is an exercise in Clip’s musical mastery.


Having worked with the likes of fellow Londoners, Sneakbo and Stylo G, Clip C has soaked up the global influences of his city and blends it into the melting pot of sounds that is his music.


It’s this musical flexibility that makes Clip C stand out from his peers. He can just as easily create a dark, rap-led record as he can a sensual dancehall number.

“Creating ‘The Waters EP’ has given me a chance to show a few layers of versatility and my passion to the world without the pressure of feeling pulled in one particular direction. There’s no specific sound or genre that appeals to me individually, as I love them all for different reasons but I’m a lover of soothing, warm music and heavy baselines, which I think is reflected in the EP.  Growing up in the UK has given me a love for UK sounds but being raised in an Afro-Caribbean household has a massive Caribbean influence on me and my music too, I just do what feels right to me and who I am as an artist”, Clip commented.
“The final piece of the puzzle is the good team I have around me. With their continual belief and love for my music, it has helped me feel confident in the sound I have found and The Waters EP is me presenting that to the world. It’s time to see what they think of my sound, it’s time for me to test ’The Waters’”.

Stream 'The Waters' below: