For “Wardrobe 02”, designer Daniel Lee adds yet more quirky designs to the Bottega Veneta name.

Bottega Veneta’s defiant designer Daniel Lee is one to ignore the naysayers: after critics decried his $2000 phone cord necklaces in 2020, he slammed back this year with a pair of heels using the very same mocked material.


The lurid green phone cord heels join a new assembly of eclectic shoe wear designs for the collection “Wardrobe 02”. Off the back of his success with the biodegradable Puddle boot last year, Lee has put the cherry on the cake by making a new pair, this time in dazzling silver glitter.


Also in the collection are a pair of calf-hugging glitterball gold knee-high boots and another stomping pair made of DV Tires. Green beaded mules are available for those looking for something more refined, or a gloriously clunky rippled green leather pair for those who are not.


The collection is available to shop online.